Frequently Asked Questions

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Ideally, most dogs should be bathed with a good quality dog shampoo once a month to keep skin and coat in good condition. It is especially important for dogs with medium to long coats to be groomed every 4-8 weeks, depending on the type of coat. Shedding hair that is allowed to remain in medium to long coated pets can easily tangle and matt and cause a pet discomfort and in severe cases, compromise their health. Dog deshedding should become a regular thing for your pet.

It is important to maintain your dog’s coat in between grooms. A coat that is not maintained and one which has become matted can result in additional costs being incurred due to the increased time taken to groom your dog. Brushing removes dead hair shed from the coat, as well as knots and matts in friction areas such as under the armpits, behind the ears and around the collar area.

Once a coat is matted it is highly likely that we will recommend coat removal for the welfare of the pet. Matts left in a pet’s coat only grow tighter and can strangle a pet’s skin or eventually tear it open. We do not wish to cause serious and undue stress to your pet, and will not continually de-matt your dog for you. When necessary, removing a heavily matted coat includes risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions. Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the pet’s skin, allowing mould, fungus or bacteria to grow. After effects of matt removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions and failure of the hair to re-grow.

In many cases, the dematting process will simply be too intense and uncomfortable for the dog, especially if the pet is aged or disabled, or has behavioural issues. We will not compromise the dog’s health or comfort by attempting to brush a matted coat out and may refuse such a request. Matt removal is not a simple process and there can be significant risks involved. It’s a delicate and slow process to remove the coat on such a pet and is a special care service. Additional charges will apply to cover extra time required and additional expenses for blade sharpening.

Your dog will receive our individual attention. At Urban Paws, we do not cage dry. All dogs are bathed with quality shampoos, with additional products applied as the coat requires. Depending upon the type and condition of the coat and style you require, the grooming process usually takes between 1.5 and 3 hours. The standard of service we provide requires attention to detail, with scissors being used for shaping many styles. We will not compromise our standards by sacrificing quality for quantity and will not rush your dog through the grooming procedure. You will be contacted by phone when your dog is ready to be picked up.

The majority of our clients pre book their next appointment when picking up their dog. This is the best way to ensure that your dog can secure an appointment within the optimum time frame of 6 to 8 weeks. We will not accept clients who are only prepared to have their dog groomed every 3 or 4 months.

Dogs are like children – they are generally much better behaved when the parent is not present. You only need to see how excited a dog gets when the owner returns to pick him/her up! Not only does this make the process more difficult and lengthy, more importantly it is a safety concern with scissors and clippers being used on a moving target around delicate areas. There will be occasions where an owner is requested to stay either at the commencement or throughout the appointment if the dog is particularly anxious, aggressive or a size that requires assistance in manoevering.

If you suspect your dog has fleas, you must let us know as this is important in terms of both treating your dog and minimizing the transference to other dogs. Your dog will be immediately given a flea rinse and segregated from any other dogs. If you are unaware that your dog has fleas but they are observed during the appointment, your dog will be treated as a matter of course and a charge applied. It is recommended that you purchase capstar tablets from a vet surgery or pet supply store and/or a monthly flea treatment for subsequent treatments at home, in addition to treating your environment, ie pet bedding. We will charge an additional fee of $15 to cover the significant additional time that will be required to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces, tools and pens.

Absolutely not!! We will neither sedate a dog, or groom a dog that has been sedated by the owner prior to the appointment. If your dog exhibits such anxiety or aggression that it is dangerous to the dog or the groomer to continue we may terminate the appointment prior to finishing.

Yes. However if the dog is uncooperative, displays behavioural or aggression issues we may refuse or terminate the appointment prior to finishing.

We require 48 hours notice of cancellation. At least two hours has been set aside for your appointment and failure to attend means that we cannot schedule another client to that time. We will send a reminder text message the day before the appointment. A ‘No Show’ will be charged 50% of your dog grooming cost and the fee will be applied on your next visit. A second occurrence will require the entire grooming charge to be paid prior to the next appointment. Subsequent ‘No Shows’ will result in refusal to accept future bookings