Hydrobath before dog grooming

Your dog will be hand washed in a warm hydrobath using quality premium products tailored specifically for your dog’s skin and coat type. The dog is then thoroughly dried with a high velocity dryer, nails are clipped and ears cleaned.  Urban Paws Dog Grooming clients are never cage dried.



Bathed, face, paws and legs trimmed, nails clipped, and ears cleaned.



Bathed, face, paws and legs trimmed, nails clipped, ears cleaned, brush out and removal of loose undercoat. Ideal for double coated breeds.  Tidy can be added to this service for longer coated breeds.



Handwashed in a warm hydrobath, dried with high velocity dryer and coat clipped and styled according to the client’s requirements.  Head, legs and tail can be styled by hand scissoring, however badly matted dogs may require to be shaved downurbanpawsdoggrooming.com.au to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort. Subsequent 6 weekly appointments will ensure that your dog can continue on a maintenance routine that allows a more stylised finish.



Early introduction of puppies to the grooming process is essential avoiding the problems associated with older dogs being groomed for the first time and the stress and anxiety that results.  Those early experiences will be with them for the rest of their lives so a positive first time is critical.  The puppy trim includes a warm hydrobath, blow dry or towel dry and light trimming.  Depending on the puppy, a partial service may be undertaken in order to minimise the level of stress to the puppy (ie bath only or trim only).



Sick of that wet belly, muddy feet or scruffy face?  A winter trim which includes feet, undercarriage, face and bottom is the way to go during the cold wet months.



Smooth freshly cut nails, to minimise scratching to family members and furniture.